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World Cup Open Thread: I BELIEVE

Today, we are all America.

Jason Heuser, the Master

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Preview'

First, I give you the soundtrack for your spirit. These are personally curated by yours truly to be played in order to evoke as much America from your soul as is scientifically possible. The entire playlist is 31 minutes, so feel free to backtime it so that you reach peak America at the time of your choosing.

And now, we America.

At 6pm, the United States Men's National Soccer Team faces a known foe in Ghana, one that has delivered losses unto us in each of the last two World Cups.

(music suggestion: you should be at about 3:50 of the Battle Hymn of the Republic at this point for maximum effect)

Today, that changes.

Today, we stand up for Freedom. FOR FREEDOM.

(music suggestion: Anchors Aweigh time. I'm Army biased, but damn does the Navy do some of the finer points of military culture better than anyone)

Today, we look across the barren landscape of despair and tyranny and declare ourselves unshackled. We declare ourselves the carriers of liberty across the horizon. We burden our shoulders with the weight of the independence of man, willing to carry that gift to any who have sought Providence.

We bring this to any and all because this is America.

We are America.

I believe.

(At this point, you can Star Spangle your ass straight into the sun. Go go, USA)