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Could the 2016 NFL Draft Provide Leverage for a Stadium Deal?

Radio City Musical Hall was not available to host the 2014 NFL Draft when regularly scheduled, so the event had to be moved back two weeks. This got the brain trust of the NFL thinking about alternatives.....

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft will be held in a totally different location. Depending on how that goes, the talk around the water cooler says that the NFL may very well decide to change the venue every year. While St. Louis is not as sexy as other bigger cities like  Chicago or Los Angeles, but it is a huge sports town with a vibrant tourism infrastructure. Add to that the recent comments by Frank Viverito, the president of the St. Louis Sports Committee- " We would surely love to have it. We'd [sic] do whatever we could to get it. We'd love to partner with the Rams on it. It's such a premiere event."

With the St. Louis Rams approaching the deadline for an upgraded venue to ply their trade, owner Stan Kroenke could bolster his organization's position by promoting a push for the NFL Draft to come to St. Louis. The tourist dollars are surely invading the dreams of elected officials and businesses alike, and if there is anything elected officials salivate over more than showing constituents that they helped bring in money to their community I'm willing to listen. Add to this the prospect of increased national media coverage for the city, and the St. Louis Rams have a definite pressure point to push with the CVC to move towards a new stadium deal.

There's a long way ahead before things fall into place, and the Rams will surely increase their position with a strong showing for the 2014 season.