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Chris Long taught Tavon Austin a major lesson about free things

The Twitter "beef" between Chris Long and Tavon Austin continues to only get better.

Andy Lyons

Chris Long's "beef" with Tavon Austin has a little bit of history. Since that twenty-first day of April, the two have bantered back and forth with subtweets and world-class trolling. It's extraordinary, really.

In an editorial comment in the original Chris Long vs Tavon Austin post, we mentioned Chris and Tavon were both refocused, with eyes set on the team's first winning season since 2006.

The abbreviations and broken English were apparently a good natured round of social media fun between the two Rams players, as clarified by Chris Long in a subsequent tweet. All Rams players are back at work now, focused on carrying the team to its first winning season since 2006. Let's hope this is the year, or the Twitter beefs are gonna get real ugly.

Well, that hasn't exactly been that case. They're still at it.

It all started with an innocent Tweet from Tavon.

And from there, Chris just let it rain.

To prove to Tavon that some things in life are, indeed, free, Chris set out to give one lucky fan two free tickets to the Rams' home opener against the Minnesota Vikings.

It took just under a half-hour to blow by 750 retweets, or two free tickets to one lucky fan. But why stop at one fan and two tickets? That's not like Chris; he really needs to rub it in Tavon's face. So, innately, he upped the goal: With 250 additional retweets, another fan would receive two free tickets.

Wait a minute. Things in life are about to be given... FOR FREE! Tavon must have something to say, right? Of course, but not without a subtweet from Chris and a self-proclaimed nickname, first.

Just three minutes after declaring himself the %ticketoak, another fan won two more tickets to the home opener.

Then, once more, he upped the offer: 2000 retweets, four more tickets and two more fans. FREE EXISTS!

Retweets stalled at 1,500 before Chris called it a successful night of Tavon beefs and giving out tickets. Chris played it cool; he gave another fan two more tickets, splitting the latter offer in half.

The winners:

Free exists, Tavon. Whatcha gonna do about that?

Big congrats to @Bischoff88@ZoroRivera and @fartosmart for proving Tavon wrong. See you at the home opener!