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Random Ramsdom June 11, 2014

Injuries, free agent signings and obtuse interviews dominate the news today around the league. Read on, Rams fans!

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Bond working hard to make the roster -ESPN

The St. Louis Rams spent more time, money and premium draft picks on their offensive line than any other position group in the offseason.

That is sweet, sweet music to any Rams fan.

Gregg Williams impacting the entire team -NBC Sports

"He’s the main voice in the room," Fisher said. "He can coach every single position. You can see the change. You can see the energy. I’ve had to back him down just a little bit."

This writer would like to know more about "I've had to back him down just a little bit." What exactly does that mean?

Cardinals still need a right tackle -ESPN

Tyson Clabo and the Arizona Cardinals have yet to reach an agreement. It seems a bit late in the season for this, doesn't it?

What is up with the Seahawks running game? -Seattle Times

Beast mode? Or by committee?

Pride and jurisprudence in San Fransisco -San Jose Mercury News

This is an astonishing interview of head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Catching up with Tavon Austin -Fox Sports

Austin is optimistic about his return to form next season and discusses all rams wide receivers along the way.

Jake Long's rehab, coming along nicely -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

All indicators are that Jake Long will start at left tackle game one. While on the surface that is great news for Rams fans, there is some nagging questions about pushing him into action so soon.

Feeling the love in Denver -NFL

"If you do this for a living, you always have pressure to win now," coach John Fox told NFL Media's Michelle Beisner in an interview that aired on Tuesday evening's edition of NFL Total Access. "It will be no different this year than it's been in our tenure here. Obviously, I think a lot of guys would like to get that big ring for Peyton (Manning), and I think that's part of the motivation and purpose of our football team."


Let's get crazy today...