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Chris Givens spammed me!

What's all this, then?


Like many of you, I follow a good many Rams and former Rams on Twitter. Hell, being a writer for TST, it is practically necessary. One such player is WR Chris Givens.

So, this morning I get my day started with a cup of fresh joe (black as the pits of hell) and settle in to check my emails. I have one new one...

Chris Givens (@CG1three) mentioned you on Twitter!‏

What the hell? Why would Chris Givens be mentioning me in a tweet? Naturally, I decide to see what this is all about and vaguely wonder if I have had enough coffee yet.

After another WTH? swims through my mind, I click the link, a new tab opens up and my anti virus software starts screaming and hyperventilating. Ok, that isn't good. The website was blocked completely and I closed that tab faster than Roger Bannister on Sky Blue.

A fun way to start your day.

P.S. For the love of God and in the name of everything Holy -Don't click that link!