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Rams select Auburn RB Tre Mason with the 75th pick

The Rams grabbed a partner for Zac Stacy.


The St. Louis Rams have a new running back on the roster, a guy you're probably familiar with if you even remotely watch college football. Welcome Auburn running back Tre Mason to St. Louis.

Mason will be a great pairing with bowling ball Zac Stacy. The Heisman finalist is a patient back with great vision and contribute in the passing game. In other words, he's a home run hitter to go with Stacy's grinding singles hitter ... bad baseball analogy.

And, yeah, probably not good news for Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson, two players the Rams had hoped would do the same thing.

Oh, and he did this in the BCS Championship game against Florida State. You might remember this play.



That's nice, huh?

One thing, there was some confusion about his wrist and whether or not he'd need surgery for a fracture in his wrist. Mason denied it. The media held its ground. It'll be something to watch as the Rams go through the offseason workout program and into camp this summer.

But for now, yeah, that's a pretty awesome pick, and a pretty good sign about what this offense is going to look like.

Here's the Rams' draft haul so far:

1st round: Greg Robinson, OT
1st round: Aaron Donald, DT
2nd round: Lamarcus Joyner, FS
3rd round: Tre Mason, RB

Not a bad haul, huh?