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2014 NFL Draft results: Fantasy football impact

Should any of the first-round picks be on your fantasy radar? Fantasy Mike has some advice.

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Happy Draft Friday!

As we have done in previous years, let's take a look at the 1st round from a  fantasy football point of view:

  • Greg Robinson - He will be at LG giving the Rams a mauling OL for the run game, but he may have issues protecting the QB in his 1st year. This does move Zac Stacy in the 2nd round of drafts, in my mind.
  • Blake Bortles - A huge reach and draft-changer for the Jaguars. He'll be sitting on the bench behind Henne, per their GM, to start the season, fantasy irrelevant for this year and, so far, bottom of the barrel for dynasty leagues.
  • Sammy Watkins - The Bills love him, and traded a ton to move up to get him. But there is some uncertainty with their QB in Manuel and they do have Johnson and Woods as of this writing. For a one-year league, I would think 10-12th round and in dynasty league he is a top three pick.
  • Mike Evans - A similar receiver to Jackson, but will have a starting job handed to him in a somewhat dink and dunk offense ... if they go with Mike Glennon again. For a one-year league, I would think 10-12th round and in dynasty league he is a top 3 pick.
  • Eric Ebron - The Lions added a weapon with this hybrid who they say will be used in a Jimmy Graham manner. I do have two concerns: One is that there is only one football, and it will be tough to get enough targets. Two, rookie tight ends struggle in that 1st year. In a one-year league, I would think last round, but in a dynasty league, I have him in the second round.
  • Odell Beckam Jr. - The Giants have a hole at receiver with Nicks gone, but they very rarely throw a rookie into the mix and give him a ton of targets. His size may be an issue with an inaccurate QB. In a one-year league, I would draft him in the last round and around the 7th round in a dynasty league.
  • Brandin Cooks - The Saints are a perfect spot for this playmaker. Peyton is not shy using these type of toys in their rookie year. I have him right now as the top fantasy rookie. In a one-year league, I would take him in 9th-11th round and in a dynasty league I have him at the top.
  • Johnny Manziel - The Browns saved him from coming back for a second day. The Browns have some nice weapons, but they seem to be intent on starting Hoyer. I just do not see Johnny Football holding up long term. Weather could be an issue for him as well. I would draft him maybe in the last round of a one-year league and sixth round in a dynasty rookie league right now.
  • Kelvin Benjamin - He was a "need" pick by the Panthers, but he has the size and limited speed. I would not draft him in a one-year league and the last pick of all skill players drafted in first round for a dynasty league.
  • Teddy Bridgewater - He got a perfect landing spot with Norv Turner, but may not start out of the gate. That would make him undraftable in a one-year league, but I have him in the fifth round in a dynasty league.

I will try and recap each day of the draft, and at the end, I'll provide my rookie rankings for one-year and dynasty leagues.

Thanks for reading!

Fantasy Mike