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Paul Boudreau: The Happiest Ram

The first round is over and the two newest horn-bearers are now official- Greg Robinson of Auburn and Aaron Donald out of Pittsburgh. Fans, coaches, players and media are rightly stoked at such an infusion of talent. But who is the happiest Ram of them all?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

First, please don't misunderstand me. The Rams offensive line has performed well these last two years. I'm not beating up on them. Some problems, such as injuries simply happen. It'ss a fact of the game and it is usually no one's fault (see Jake Long's ACL injury). The current line up - Jake Long, Rodger Saffold, Scott Wells, Joe Barksdale, Barrett Jones, Brandon Washington, Mike Person, Tim Barnes, Sean Hooey have served admirably. But truth be told, they have performed beyond their natural abilities, because of a name not on that list- Paul Boudreau, the offensive line coach.

Some have said that coach Boudreau is the best offensive line coach in the league, and this writer is inclined to agree. Given what he has had to work with, he has done very well, indeed. It's worth noting that Roger Saffold and Shelley Smith were hot items in free agency. Plagued with injuries and with an offensive reset last year, the Rams offensive line held, overcame and adapted. Personal were swapped, interchanged and recoached; whatever it took to get the job done. They emerged bloodied, but triumphant. It was Paul Boudreau's leadership and commitment that made this happen.

Now, Head Coach Jeff Fisher has broke with his long standing tradition and drafted OT Greg Robinson, and no one is happier than Paul Boudreau. In Robinson, Boudreau has a huge and ugly lump of clay, to mold and shape into a golem of his own design. It's good that Robinson is a bit raw. He will flourish under Boudreau's tutelage. Already a juggernaut in the run, he will learn pass protection, and learn from the best. You can bet that as happy as Greg Robinson is right now, Paul Boudreau's grin can be seen from space.

This is a match Rams fans, and it was absolutely forged in the heavens...