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2014 NFL Draft: Attempted Move Up For Martin?

The Rams were big winners in the first round, but they weren't satisfied.


According to multiple sources, the St. Louis Rams weren't done after taking Greg Robinson with the second pick in the draft and Aaron Donald with the thirteenth.

Nick Wagoner corrected his tweet saying that the interest was solely for Martin.

The Rams attempting to move up for Zack Martin points to the Rams not viewing Joe Barksdale as a viable starter. Many within the Rams community have been all aboard the Barksdale train; citing Pro Football Focus stats and the like. However, if the Rams were willing to trade in valuable draft equity in order to double down on the offensive line, we can assume that they view him as more of a backup.

The second day of the draft will bring excitement with these recent developments. The Rams still have holes in the secondary, and suddenly offensive line seems like a feasible choice, as well.

Who are your day two targets?