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Getting to Know the New Ram: Greg Robinson

We all know Greg Robinson's scouting report, but do we really know Greg?


Jeff Fisher definitely broke his streak this year. After not having selected an offensive lineman in the first round during his entire tenure as a head coach, Fisher & Co. picked Auburn's offensive tackle Greg Robinson with the second overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

He is now a St. Louis Ram.

As part of the team, it is up to us to get to know Greg. We already know the scouting report hoopla, and all that. What I am referring to is getting to know the real Greg Robinson, the man, the player.

Now, it might be a little bit difficult to get to know a person you have never met, and most likely, a person you will never be able to get to know on a personal level. With social media, getting closer to a player is made so much easier.

So here it goes, a few Instagram pics that display Greg, the person:

He's an Intelligent Young Man

Please excuse the 49ers hat, Mr. Robinson says it was just a fashion statement. The important tidbit to take from this picture is that Greg is a pretty smart lad. Landing on academic honor roll is a great feat on its own, but being a premiere student athletic as well as a honor roll student is remarkable. I doubt he has trouble in team meetings, studying film, or learning the playbook.

Greg has Great Musical Taste

For those of y'all that do not know, that is a N.W.A t-shirt Greg has on. N.W.A is one of the most influential west coast rap groups, a pioneer in the gangster rap genre. Being straight outta Compton myself, I approve of Robinson's musical taste.

Greg the Family Man

The guy loves his family, no doubt about it. He has tons of pictures of his nieces, nephews, and siblings. He also has a few pictures in memory of his late father and grandfather. There were plenty of options to choose from to represent Greg as a family man, but this one is just fucking adorable!

So there you go. A few Instagram posts, and you are one step closer to being Greg Robinson's BFF. Pictures do really speak a thousand words