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2014 NFL Draft results: Rams select DT Aaron Donald with 13th overall pick

The Rams flipped from offense with the second pick to defense at 13, taking defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The strong get stronger.

The Rams' defensive line was already the best unit on the team. Now, it's bolstered by a fresh new talent in Pitt product, DT Aaron Donald.

Obviously the picking point here is the opportunity costs. The Rams could have gone toward the back of the defense to add someone to the secondary who, with the lack of viable depth at cornerback and safety, would have had the opportunity for a significant immediate impact. With Donald, the training camp battle is going to be something we'll have to all keep an eye on with Kendall Langford likely the target for Donald's assumed playing time.

To soothe your scouting needs, here's the MTD scouting report along with former NFL/Tennessee Vol player Stephen White's report for SBN.

With that said, the Rams have now spent both first round picks. Despite the allure of potential trades, they end up with two first round picks in tow to liven up the depth chart. Now, the eye turns to the rest of the round to see which options come off the board to limit the Rams next potential selection at 44, the 12th pick in the second round. Of course, there's always the potential for a move back into the early second or even first. That would be awfully costly though, so don't be surprised to see the Rams sit and wait...and wait.

For now, that's what we'll all have to do to see who's left when the second round begins tomorrow night.