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2014 NFL Draft odds: What will the Rams do at two?

The Rams still have the second pick in the draft, and the Johnny Manziel talk is over. So now which player are they going to pick? We put odds on the options.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Now what? The St. Louis Rams were kind of exciting again for a couple weeks, mixed up in a bundle of NFL Draft rumors about Johnny Manziel. Regardless of where you fell on the issue, you do have to admit it was kind of a fun little news cycle. But Manziel's off the board now, so what happens next? Who will the Rams be picking?

The possibilities are endless. So I've assigned odds, because that kind of sounds like an internety type thing to do.

Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

Chances: 40 percent

You know the drill by now. He's got the raw talent, and the Rams can stick him at guard for a year while they wear the last of the duct tape off Jake Long's various joints. And offensive line seems to be the only position on offense where the coaches have been able to develop players. Also, Stephen White compared him to Deebo in his breakdown, and that's a high fucking complement.

Jake Matthews, OT, TAMU

Chances: 45 percent

This is my guess for who they'll draft. He's talented, can start right away and can probably even play left tackle if need be. Oh, and don't overlook the familiarity factor here. Fisher's known him since he was a kid, and that kind of stuff obviously matters in the NFL meritocracy. But Matthews is really good. Here's Stephen White's scouting report.

Khalil Mack, LB, Buffalo

Chances: 7 percent

It could happen. That nugget has been dropped out there for your consumption. White says Mack is probably more NFL-ready than Clowney.

Jadeveon Clowney, monster, South Carolina

Chances: 1 percent

For this to happen, someone would have to pass on him with the first pick. NEVER EVER discount the possibility of NFL teams not making smart decisions -- see Savage, Tom -- so it could happen.


Chances: 10 percent

I think chasing away the Manziel smokescreen is a pretty damn good indicator that a trade offer for the second pick never materialized. It still could, especially if Clowney falls, but I wouldn't waste my time tweeting out a bunch of crazy ass trade scenarios.

Mike Evans, WR, TAMU

Chances: 5 percent

I'm not giving this one much weight, but I also wouldn't be surprised to see it happen. He just so happened to be there during all that Manziel scouting. Coincidence? Remember that picture of Les Snead standing down the field watching Evans catch passes at Johnny Manziel's pro day? I wouldn't rule it out. Check out White's breakdown on Evans; he'd be a good fit with this offense, whatever the hell that is.