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Jeff Fisher, Les Snead stand by Sam Bradford at fan event

Are the Rams frontrunners for drafting Johnny Manziel on Thursday? Here's a look back at the day in Rams rumors.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday was relatively quite for Johnny Manziel, St. Louis Rams rumors. That didn't last. With the NFL world gathering in New York for the 2014 Draft, there was plenty of gossip floating around the wires.

Ramziel sweepstakes

Well, well, well. Is the smoke screen working or is there fire here? Who knows. We're kind of at the point of diminished returns on draft rumors. So remember, if it's a rumor you like, it's totally legit; if you don't like it, smokescreen.

Greg Cosell even got in on the Rams/Manziel fun, offering his firm belief that they would draft him with the second pick in the draft.

There was also still some chatter about maybe trading back up into the top 10 for a shot at Manziel.

But the real news might have been the smokescreen lifting. On Wednesday night, this happened:

That pretty much settles it.

Here's my question, does this mean they're deciding to keep the second pick? I ask because this looks and sounds like the Manziel thing was definitely a smokescreen, and maybe nobody bit. Or maybe they got wind that the Texans were not going to draft Clowney or trade the pick. Who knows.

Onto the next rumor!