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Marshall Faulk wants Johnny Manziel in St. Louis

The Hall of Fame running back offered his advice for what the Rams should do in the draft.

Mock drafts on TV are very serious business.
Mock drafts on TV are very serious business.
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Marshall Faulk -- remember him? -- was doing some thing on the NFL Network, a live mock draft with his fellow analysts. (Sounds neat!) He played general manager for the St. Louis Rams. And, apparently, he's all in on Johnny Manziel, who he took with the second pick of the live, on-air mock draft.

"When you look at the NFC West, the two teams at the top, their quarterbacks are dynamic. They're not pocket passers. If Sam Bradford goes down, what do we do? I've gotta go with Johnny Manziel."

Great job, good effort. That's literally all the snark I can muster about mock drafts at this point. Is the draft over yet?

(h/t Ramblin' Fan)