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2014 NFL Draft Pre-Draft Hangout

Come join Van & 3k as we talk up the Rams and the draft with less than 30 hours to the first pick.

It's Draft Eve. If you're not at least a little excited...well, you're not reading this. And you are reading this. So you are excited.

So are we.

So we're jumping back on the camerapod to talk everything Rams today in this live hangout, starting at 3pm ET.

The Rams are set to be an immensely significant player in the early portion of the 2014 NFL Draft. Will the Rams be involved in any trades? Possibly. Will there be trades swirling around the Rams who own the second and 13th overall picks? Almost certainly. Will there be spanking fresh new Johnny Manziel rumors to keep us afloat? God willing.

Hit us up with your questions and topics. We'll try to get to all of them on the air. Obviously we'll cover the major potential first round prospects. I'm sure we'll get to some day 2/3 options as well. And we've got a fresh top 200 big board from the gents over at Mocking the Draft to look at too.

So carve out some time for #narrative today, and drop us a line.