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Random Ramsdom; Draft in 3...2...1...

And you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Matthew 24:6 DRV

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That swarm of angry hornets you keep hearing, is in fact not hornets at all. It is the rumor mill revving furiously, redlining on the idea of the St. Louis Rams drafting Johnny 'Football' Manziel. What does it all mean? Here is the latest...

Jeff Fisher-

"With respect to Sam, he's our starter. As you guys know, that was the reason I took this job was for our owner and because of Sam, our quarterback. We have all the confidence in the world that he'll be back. But..." - CBS Sports

ESPN weighs in - ESPN

Short. Succinct. A powerpoint overview of why this may be happening and what the fallout may or may not be. It very much comes across as bet-hedging. What if the bluff is called?

The case for Manziel - Sporting News

Apparently Sam Bradford is too conservative even for Brian Shottenheimer and also there are some money issues. Reach much?

And now the defense rebuts - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

This scenario seems much more plausible.


Or not.

At the risk of torturing a cliched saying, Johnny Manziel is being used as a draft position football.


Khalil Mack; dark horse number one pick - USA Today

Could Houston pass on Jadevon Clowney, Johnny 'Football' and Blake Bortles? If so, what implications would this have for the draft? Would we see these players slide even further down or would the Rams and the Jaguars phones light up?

Top five receivers in the draft ranked -

Surprise! Also spoiler alert...Sammy Watkins is listed as numero uno.

And now the top five safeties are ranked - WFNY

With all the quarterback talk, let's remember that the Rams do have other positions to upgrade.

And hitters too! - BleacherReport

Oh yeah...I want one.

The O-line. Not flashy, but critical. - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Someone...or two is needed on the Rams offensive line. Positioned as they are in the draft, the Rams could have their pick, excepting the unlikely scenario that Houston drafts one of the top prospects. Greg Robinson has the potential to be Orlando Pace Reloaded. On the other hand, Jake Matthews is virtually assured of a day one starting position. Beyond those two, there is stellar depth at offensive guard and several versatile players that could fill multiple roles. Who. Will. It. Be?

A good look at the current trend in NFL cornerbacks - Sports Illustrated

Another position of need for the Rams. Do they stick with speed uber alles, or jump on the Richard Sherman bandwagon?

Jordan Matthews highlight reel

Check out the Ricky Proehl-esque one handed grabs. Also, the music rocks on this one.

Mike Evans highlight reel

Sammy Watkins highlight reel

The Rams skip the safety position altogether - isportsweb

Ok, not quite. This mock has the Rams drafting LeMarcus Joyner, listed as a cornerback, but employing him as a safety. In a sea of mocks, I for one, haven't seen this scenario yet. It is interesting.

An eye on the NFC West:

What the 49ers may be up to... -

With good depth on the roster, the 49ers can afford to trade up. This scenario has them doing just that.

How about the Seahawks? - BleacherReport

This looks like a real reach. However it is most likely useful to get a glimpse of what the Seahawks feel their needs are.

And the Cardinals? - BleacherReport

The beginning trade seems ridiculous, but after that this mock seems reasonable.

Rams trade number two overall pick, to Redskins for RGIII - St. Louis Globe-Democrat

And so, in parting...Johnny Manziel's current theme song...