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Mike Mayock's final draft rankings

The NFL Draft is so close.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

When bringing up the talking heads of the NFL Draft, my favorite draft expert is NFL Networks' Mike Mayock. When he does his top rankings, it's usually from his evaluations on what he's seen on the field and what he's hearing from different league sources.

So here's Mayocks' top 100 list, so let's dissect the key takeaways from the list.

1. Khalil Mack is number 1... and Jadeveon Clowney is 2.

Mayock has Mack rated higher than Clowney. Honestly, I can see this, Mack might not have better talent than Clowney, but he would fit a 3-4 team perfectly. The Houston Texans - who have the 1st pick - have a 3-4 defense. Mayock has said time and time again that Clowney is one of the most talented players (players, not prospects), he just has to want it. It's not a shock to see Clowney pushed to 2.

2. How high is Johnny?

Mayock has Johnny Manziel rated as his only quarterback in the top ten. Supposedly the teams in the league have fallen in love with Manziel, not only on the field, but in the interviews. Lately, everyone has been saying that Manziel is the best quarterback, even though they have all these questions about him? It makes you wonder just how good or bad this QB class is?

3. Where are you Teddy?

If you're looking for Teddy Bridgewater on the list, you will find him in the top 100, just not where you would expect him to be. Currently ranked the 42nd best player in the draft, wasn't he the best quarterback in the class by the media a couple of months ago? For those of you that care: Bridgewater is ranked the 6th Quarterback.

4. Looking for the safeties

Don't worry everybody; there are 7 safeties in the top 100. I was a little surprised by the ranking of Jimmie Ward at 54, though he's a player that I like. He can be used all over the field. Ward's smaller than teams would like though. Lamarcus Joyner is basically the same type of player, although I agree with the ranking and I don't think he's as good as some people think. The two best safeties haven't changed: Haha Clinton-Dix and Calvin Pryor are both in the top 25.

5. Top heavy corner back class

There are 6 corner backs in the top 30. After those guys, it's a sharp decline. Mayock has Stanley Jean Baptiste as his 30th best player. Mayocks' best corners are Kyle Fuller at 13 and Darqueze Dennard at 19.

6. Build the wall

The top 10 is packed with offensive tackles. The first one is Greg Robinson at 3, Jake Matthews and Taylor Lewan at 5 & 6; with Zack Martin being number 9. So if the Rams want to go with the upside of Robinson - or the "Pro-ready" Matthews - don't blow a gasket, these two players are easily top 10 talent and should improve the line.

Now that's what stood out to me when I looked at Mayocks' list - what stood out to you?