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Random Ramsdom May 30: Bad Boys, Good Girls

Bad news, like bad pennies comes around early and often. Fortunately, it is sometimes countered, by the good.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Terry Blount, Nick Wagoner, Josh Weinfuss and Bill Wliiamson talk NFC West. They are impressed. -ESPN

It has been said repeatedly that the NFC West is the best division in football. These four flesh out the strengths and weakness' of each team and raise some pertinent questions.

Pro Bowler, Davin Joseph signed to one year deal. -NFL

Most likely you have heard of the Joseph signing, but watch the video and get prepared to hear some rare, kind words about the St. Louis Rams. Manna for the playoff-starved Rams, who are likely the most dissed team in the NFL.

Breaking News! A City in Crisis!

We interrupt this article to bring you a breaking news story. Rampage, beloved Rams mascot has been kidnapped. Details as we get them.

Turf Show Times reporter, Brandon Bates, is on the scene... "What can you tell us, Brandon?"

Brandon; "Well, it appears to be even worse than we thought, Charles. Now there are two other victims, Fredbird and Louie have joined Rampage as hostages. The mayors office is expected to hold a press confer...hang on...

Brandon; "So there you have it. Confirmation from the mayor that Rampage, Louie and Fredbird have been kidnapped. Who is behind this and why remains a mystery as we watch and wait."

"Brandon, who is...are you there? Brandon? Sorry folks, we are having some trouble with our satellite link. Ah! There you are. Brandon, what can you tell us about Officer Jalisha?"

[ten second pause]

Brandon; "Well, Charles we know that she was only recently hired by St. Louis County Police Department. Despite mere hours on the job, she has been very impressive. The word is she could have this wrapped up later today"

"Thank you Brandon. We'll check back in on Brandon and the missing mascots as things develop. Day One, a City in Crisis."

Dallas Cowboys look to replace Sean Lee, with what they have on hand - NFL

Hard up against the cap, as they are, this is not a surprise. Not to mention, what middle linebacker is available at this stage of the season?

Beyond Ray Rice...Ravens losing discipline? -NBC

John Harbaugh does not sound very happy. Is there a crackdown coming? If so, what will this mean for the Ravens and the rest of the league?

Aaron Hernandez pleads 'Not Guilty' - SBNation

Don't cry (or commit murder) over spilled milk (or Hennessy).

Vick vs. Smith in New York - ESPN

The quarterback position for the Jets, just keeps getting foggier weirder.

More trouble in Miami - Fox Sports

17 year scout for the Miami Dolphins, Nate Sullivan is threatening a lawsuit against the team and the league for what he sees as a breach of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

More Breaking News! A City in Crisis!

"Brandon, what do you have for us?

Brandon: "What a day Charles, and what a turn of events. Officer Jalisha has single-handedly tracked, disarmed and arrested the perpetrator of this heinous crime. Everything happened so quickly, we are only just now able to get you some details We have some pictures of the final standoff..."

Have they released the name of the suspect yet, Brandon?

[ten second pause]

Brandon; "[inaudible]... only as Rally Squirrel, he appears to be the mastermind of this crime and the only person of interest, according to Officer Jalisha. Rally Squirrel is assumed to be an alias. What his intentions were, remain unknown."

And how are the now released hostages doing?

[pixilated pause]

Brandon; "They are fine and very thankful, as you would imagine, Charles. Each of them has expressed his gratitude to Officer Jalisha for her courage and dedication. If not for her, this could have ended very differently, indeed."

"Indeed. Thank you Brandon, and thank you Officer Jalisha..."

From TST studios - good night.

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