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Sam Bradford is throwing, running again

Bradford's recovery from a torn ACL and the surgery to repair it seems to be on pace or even ahead of schedule.

Streeter Lecka

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is running and throwing and doing other important quarterback related activities. His recovery from surgery to repair a torn ACL is proceeding at a positive pace, according to general manager Les Snead.

This is also from the Snead/Fisher/Demoff, et al. appearance at Edward Jones passed along by Anthony at Rams Addiction. Seriously, go read that whole thing. There's more info in there than a month worth of "coverage" by the Post-Dispatch or 101 ESPN, the radio station that has a contract with the team.

Snead told the audience that Bradford was dropping back and throwing the ball and jumping around in the training room like any normal healthy NFL player ... only maybe even healthier than that. The Rams GM even threw in a bit of his trademark optimistic awkwardness.

"I made the comment to our trainer ‘You know, I think I need to tear my ACL, maybe I would come back more athletic.'"

Okay then. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here. If torn ACLs made players more athletic, the Rams would have been winning more games over the last decade given their historical rate of injuries.

That's good news for the Rams who are counting on Bradford for at least another year under center, starting with the first week of the season this year.