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Random Ramsdom 5/26: Rams, the NFC West and more on Memorial Day 2014

Let's get serious. Let's talk Rams.

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Yes -- it's still Sam Bradford's team: The Post-Dispatch

Oh, how I wish that I had something new, clever and witty to say here... Unfortunately, there are only so many hundreds of ways to say that Sam Bradford will be the St. Louis Rams No. 1 quarterback in 2014. So let's step out of the box, eh?

Sam Bradford will, without a doubt, unquestionably take the Rams first snap behind center in week one just as easily and capably as he will kneel the ball on the final play of Super Bowl XLIX.

Got your attention? That is one reason that you will not find on Bernie Miklasz's list of ten reasons why Sam remains the man in Earth City. I'm sorry, but you might as well stick around now.

Nick Wagoner knows all: ESPN NFC West Blog

Before accepting a much cozier gig with Disney, Nick Wagoner lived, breathed and ate much better than most St. Louis Rams fans even dream. Now, he still does, but it's on and for ESPN. Covering the Rams more closely than Mike Sando ever wanted to, Wagoner personally answered many fans' questions this weekend.

Generous times and comparisons: Ramblin' Fan

Fancy a trip down Depressing Memory Lane? Take a gander back five years to one of the worst seasons in Rams history, a season in which the team narrowly escaped with a single victory. Julian Felice adamantly states that St. Louis' roster is vastly better at every position than it was in 2009.

The peculiar and awkward relationship of Los Angeles and the NFL: Buffalo News

Far from your typical "pro and/or con" take on the lasting football void in Los Angeles, this piece by Tim Graham may give Rams fans in St. Louis an objective and well-informed reason for optimism. Specifically covering the Buffalo Bills, a franchise whose future is now also considered uncertain, Graham believes that LA and the NFL are not ready to commit.

There's gold in that thar rookie class: ESPN NFC West Blog

Isn't it great to not vigorously comb through the Rams' late round draft picks and undrafted rookie signings, because, you know, the team won't be forced to actually rely on some of them for once? Well, despite recent modest steps toward prosperity, it's always wise to consider all potential assets. What might the Rams have to build in this year's rookie class?

Rams secondary keeps getting younger: St. Louis Rams official website

As Jeff Fisher and Les Snead approach their third season in St. Louis, they have made two things abundantly clear: character concerns are acceptable with the talent to back them up; however, long teeth and gray hair are not without. The veteran purge continued this offseason with the departure of Cortland Finnegan, but the coaching staff and fans agree that he won't be missed if any of the Rams' several additions in the secondary live up to expectations.

Shots fired in the division!:

Don't look now, but Seattle Seahawks cornerback and renowned trash talker Richard Sherman is receiving negative criticism ... by one of his NFC West rivals! OK -- just look. Arizona Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson, also of the popular, prestigious and ever debatable "Shutdown Corner Club," makes his claim to the thrown as the league's best. This should end quietly...

Cards' top pick senses learning curve:

The Arizona Cardinals surprised no one by selected a safety in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. They did, however, surprise some by trading down and selecting Washington State's Deone Bucannon, a prospect who most "experts" had going in the second or even third round. Obviously, Bucannon boasts some question marks and may need some time to adjust.

Game of Thrones meets the National Football League:

If you're anything like me, then you went through a substantial and painful withdrawal period last night as HBO refused to air its greatest gift to society -- Game of Thrones. Well, tried to help. Here's the GoT football team.

NFL makes more sense in their sense of common sense: Pro Football Talk

There are few -- very few -- in the NFL offices who will publicly state their own opinion on certain matters regarding personal and/or harmful conduct. Due to that, the league's policies have, to many, become marred by inconsistent, perhaps irrational, penalties for certain offenses and repeat offenders. The NFL may be on the verge of implementing a specific method for penalty with its first step.