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Random Ramsdom, May 21. Comings and Goings

While the surface appears calm, the underlying currents are deep and implacable. The NFL is ever on the move.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Minicamps, hot rookies, the Pro Bowl and more... - ESPN

At a time, when basically nothing is happening in the football world, this is a fun and informative article. The guy positing that the NFC North is the strongest division in the NFL makes this a must read.

Rams slow to sign incoming draft class - ESPN

Having watched ESPN's 30 for 30 episode "Broke" I am quite gratified to hear the reasons why the Rams take a bit longer than others to sign their rookie class.

Rams rookies to watch - Ramblin' Fan

Out of a great draft class, LeMarcus Joyner has me the most intrigued. It may be my natural inclinations to the safety position, Joyners collegiate career or the still hanging chad of the free safety position. Perhaps all of that. Despite early indications that he will end up as a slot corner, I tend to think the free safety role may be his true calling.

The newest Ram -Introducing Travis Bond - NBC Sports

Claimed off of waivers, Bond has already been with the Minnesota Vikings and Carolina Panthers. Hmm.

Now we know where the Rams will be in January of 2018...

Catching up with the quarterbacks - NFL

Sucked into the vacuum of their respective teams, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater will be heavily watched this next season and with good reason. Each of them could be the missing link that propels their teams to contender status.

Speaking of Johnny Manziel, what is this? Humility? - USA Today

Apparently, some over-enthusiastic Texas A&M fans put forth a proposal to rename their stadium to "Kyle Field: The House that Johnny Built." Damn.

Let's check in on some Ram veterans... - Bleacher Report

Richardson and Cudjo have already been cut, so do more veterans have to worry? These picks seem reasonable to me. Note this line on Isaiah Pead -

Fans were quite shocked when Pead ended the 2012 season with only 54 rushing yards, so you can imagine how fans felt after he miraculously managed to cut his rushing total to 21 yards in 2013.

Damn. Damn.

A short, but uber-cool documentary on the legend, "Deacon" Jones.

The Fearsome Foursome can not be talked about too much - Ramblin' Fan

Fearsome Foursome Reloaded; Judgement Day 2.0. Can the season just start already, please?

Alternate Universe Breaking News!: Isaiah Pead traded to Buffalo for Sammy Watkins - St. Louis Globe Democrat

In a stunning move that has NFL insiders baffled, Isaiah Pead has been traded away to the Bills for Sammy Watkins. The details are still sketchy, but the Bills have reportedly given the Rams a 2015 second round pick next year in addition to the rookie out of Clemson. New team owner - Brandon Bate , a closet Canadian for years - "Just wanted to do something nice, eh..." Sources say the 312 empty beer cans present at his press conference may have something to do with the bizarre trade?

Time for some tunes Rams fans...♫