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Rams expect Lamarcus Joyner to be their starting nickelback

The secondary is taking shape already.

Dilip Vishwanat

After a draft class heavy on defensive backs, I've been wondering what exactly the St. Louis Rams secondary will look like this season. Jeff Fisher offered some clarification, at least as far as his expectations go, about the nickel role.

From the Post-Dispatch:

"He's just an outstanding player. He played all over their defense. He played outside, he played in the slot, he played high, he blitzed, so he's a plug-in day one nickelback."

So you've got Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson starting on the outside with Joyner in the middle. There will obviously be some different looks, and a healthy competition in training camp could still alter the picture. But it seems clear that the days of the Rams turning to street free agents to fill the gaps at cornerback are long gone.

In addition to covering slot receivers, you can expect Joyner to blitz some in Gregg Williams' scheme.

Joyner was the one player the Rams actually moved up to draft this year. That's worth noting when you consider there was an abundance of talent in the second round available.

Here's Joyner blitzing from the slot against Clemson last season, a play Fisher and Williams doubtlessly have seen over and over again.


(via Tomahawk Nation)

It's also important because Joyner's play created the opportunity for a fat guy touchdown. Anything to see more fat guy touchdowns in St. Louis this year ... ANYTHING.