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Rams 2014 win total set at 7.5

The odds makers have weighed in with a prediction for the St. Louis Rams 2014 season.

Dilip Vishwanat

How many games with the St. Louis Rams win this season? After going 7-8-1 in 2012 and 7-9 in 2013, fans are hoping to finally see something on the other side of .500. According to the book makers in Las Vegas, it might be another season before that happens.

The preliminary win total for the 2014 Rams is currently set at 7.5 wins. Odds for the over and under are the same at -110, meaning you'll have to lay down $110 to win $100. It's at least a good sign that the odds Vegas is giving the Rams for exceeding the 7.5 win total are as good as they are for going under it.

Last year, the Rams opened with win total of 7.5, with slightly favorable odds for going under that number (+120 for the over, -140 for the under). They finished at 7-9, just under that number.

The Seahawks got a win total of 11 games with -120 odds to hit the over. The 49ers got a win total of 10.5 games with -120 odds to go over. Both the Seahawks and 49ers are even money to go under their respective win totals. Arizona's win total matches the Rams at 7.5 games, but the Cardinals are -120 to go over and even odds on the under.

Blah, blah, blah. It's kind of disappointing to see 7.5 wins, but that's Vegas. What do you think?