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16 reasons why Chris Long has the best Instagram ever

Chris Long killed it on Twitter with %controversy and now he's owning Instagram.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Long's Instagram might be the best thing to keep you entertained this offseason. Seriously. Like his Twitter that's full of witty, tongue-in-cheek %controversy, he shares the most nonsensical stories of his dogs (Chubs and Rambo) and his teammates on Instagram.

Who needs Hard Knocks?

Here are 16 reasons why Chris Long's Instagram is the absolute best:

1) Because Chris has 10 million reasons why Williams Hayes came back in 2013 and is his guiding light.

2) The two did, after all, develop the idea for "Big play yoga." 

3) And you can't forget the day when William Hayes was induced into a snack coma...

4) ...and then underwent the first ever NFL sonogram. 

5) He certainly is blessed to play with Big Play Hayes.

6)  He also shares the most grisly ear injuries of legends in their cubicles...

7) ... but mostly of his hero James Laurinaitis...

8) ... because not everybody gets to eat lunch with a legend. 

9) He also shares the best "throwbacks" of Eugene Sims

10) And he finds the best album covers... 

11) which are best kept secrets. 

12) Speaking of best kept secrets... did you know Robert Quinn is the world's best pass rusher AND has IFS?  

13) Best of all are his two buds, Chubs and Rambo.

14) Chubs is super photogenic... 

15) ... has starred in slasher films... 

16) ... and has a drinking problem. 

It's Chris' world, and we're just living it.

You can follow Chris Long on Instagram here: joelworld