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Jeff Fisher talks trade rumors, 'Hard Knocks'

The St. Louis Rams head coach talked reality TV on the Dan Patrick Show, he also touched on some trade rumors about the Rams and a certain quarterback.

There were no calls made and none received when it came to trading Sam Bradford, says Jeff Fisher. The Rams head coach talked quarterbacks during an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show. But it's probably Fisher's discussion of the show "Hard Knocks" that might be the tidbit of most interest to fans.

Fisher said he'd have to think about, when it came to the Rams on the reality show produced by HBO and NFL Films. He acknowledged concerns about cameras interrupting the team's work, but he most definitely did not close the door on it.

If you recall, the Rams are one of a handful of teams the league can force to appear on the show, if no team volunteers. A rumor floated around prior to the draft that the finalists had been winnowed down to the Bears, Giants and Steelers. The NFL denied that, and at latest report the NFL had teams volunteer for the show. Which teams reportedly volunteered are still unknown.