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2014 NFL Draft grades: Todd McShay approves of Rams OT Greg Robinson

Todd McShay offered up his favorite players for each team in the draft. Guess which pick he liked for St. Louis?

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

While Mel Kiper was banging out his 2014 NFL Draft gradesTodd McShay was listing off his favorite players from each team's draft class. Of all 11 players the Rams took, he liked Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson the best.

Rd. 1 (2): Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn (from WAS)

The Rams had a really good draft, and any of their top four picks would have been good choices here; Robinson, DT Aaron Donald (13th pick), CB Lamarcus Joyner(41st pick) and RB Tre Mason all ranked in the top 61 of our prospect rankings, and each was a great value choice based on where the Rams picked him. But Robinson is the best of the bunch. He is the most dominant offensive lineman at the point of attack that I've ever evaluated, and he is at his best when he's freed up to just steamroll guys in the running game. I think he can start right away at right tackle, or they could kick him inside to guard to start his career and adjust to the NFL level before transitioning him to tackle.

Whatever the Rams end up doing on offense going forward, they need an offensive line. From there, they have the flexibility to do whatever they way, run the ball, find a new QB who can throw it, replace Brian Schottenheimer with a broken magic eight ball ... it all requires a strong front five.

Who was your favorite pick from the Rams draft class?