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2014 NFL Draft results: St. Louis Rams add 11

Linemen and defensive backs dominated the Rams' 2014 Draft class.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

True to their NFC West identity, the St. Louis Rams started the 2014 NFL Draft in the trenches with a pair of intimidating linemen, one for the offense and one for the defense. From there, Jeff Fisher and Les Snead added nine more players, for a total of 11.

Let's meet the newest Rams.

  • Greg Robinson OT, Auburn 1st Round, 2nd Overall
  • Aaron Donald DT, Pittsburgh 1st Round, 13th Overall
  • Lamarcus Joyner CB, Florida State 2nd Round, 41st Overall
  • Tre Mason RB, Auburn 3rd Round, 75th Overall
  • Mo Alexander SS, Utah State 4th Round, 110th Overall
  • E.J. Gaines CB, Missouri 6th Round, 188th Overall
  • Garrett Gilbert QB, SMU 6th Round, 214th Overall
  • Mitchell Van Dyk OT, Portland State 7th Round, 226th Overall
  • C.B. Bryant FS, Ohio State 7th Round, 241st Overall
  • Michael Sam DE, Missouri 7th Round, 249th Overall
  • Demetrius Rhaney C, Tennessee State 7th Round, 250th Overall


Four of the 11 players drafted are defensive backs. Joyner's a bit of a hybrid safety/corner, in the mold of the Honey Badger. He'll play some in the slot too. They took another slot corner in Gaines, a guy who could be one to watch once training camp starts. The Rams were a little thin in the secondary last season, so it's no surprise to see them load up in the draft.

No deal

The biggest surprise might have been the fact that the Rams made just one trade, moving up in the second round to get Joyner. This was a deep draft, so sitting back and letting players land where they may probably left teams with plenty of talent to choose from as the draft unfolded.


6 defensive players

5 offensive players

2 skill position picks

4 players from the SEC

3 of the first 4 picks played in the BCS National Championship