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St. Louis Rams select QB Garrett Gilbert with pick 214

The Rams got their developmental quarterback.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams had been telling the world that they planned to take a developmental quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft, and they did it in the sixth round using pick No. 214 to select Garrett Gilbert from SMU.

Gilbert started out as a top recruit at Texas, but didn't find his groove there. He transfered to SMU under June Jones. He's still a pretty raw prospect. The Rams will need to work with him on the mental side of the game. Fortunately, the Rams have an offensive coaching staff with a track record for developing quarterbacks ... uh oh.

He was not invited to the Combine this year. Gilbert did put on a show at his pro day when he completed all but one of his passes in front of reps from several NFL teams.

His arm isn't exactly a cannon, but he can make throws all over the field. And sometimes they look awfully impressive. Check out this one to tie the game against Rutgers last October.

Gilbert is the fourth QB the Rams have used a sixth-round pick to draft since 2002. The most recent one, Keith Null, is the only one of them to play.

But the Rams have had some success with sixth-round quarterbacks, but Marc Bulger was actually drafted by the Saints.