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2014 NFL Draft Results: Rams use 4th round pick to select S Maurice Alexander

With the 110th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Rams select Utah St. safety Maurice Alexander.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, we're reminded that football is a physical exercise. Pain is not just a result. It can be a motive, a stratagem. Sometimes, those reminders come in the moments between kickoff and the final whistle.

Today's an exception.

With the selection of Maurice Alexander, the Rams added brute physicality to their defense, a player who plays less like an athlete and more like a bludgeoned weapon.

This isn't a refined pick to add technical skill or precision agility like Lamarcus Joyner was. This is a blunt attempt to shut off the rushing attacks of opposing offenses. And yes, it's hard to look at this and not read "NFC West running backs, you won't have it easy with us" from this pick.

The Rams still have plenty of picks left, though nothing until the sixth round. We've go lots of waiting in front of us barring a trade.

In the interim, the Rams just sent the rest of the league and their divisional foes a message.

We're going to make it hurt.