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2014 NFL Draft: Start time, TV schedule, live online stream, Rams picks

Here's what day 3 of the 2014 NFL Draft looks like.

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SB Nation 2014 NFL Draft

It's time for the grind.

If you're here, you one of the few. One of the proud. The last four rounds of the NFL Draft aren't for the faint of heart. And yet the yields can have significant impact. Here are some of the day 3 pickups from the Snead/Fisher era worth noting:


  • WR Chris Givens (4th round, 1st pick - 96th overall)
  • K Greg Zuerlein (6th round, 1st pick - 171st overall)
  • RB Daryl Richardson (7th round, 45th pick - 252nd overall)


  • OL Barrett Jones (4th round, 16th pick - 113th overall)
  • CB Brandon McGee (5th round, 16th pick - 149th overall)
  • RB Zac Stacy (5th round, 27th pick - 160th overall)

So don't assume these guys are going straight to the practice squad. The Rams are going to pick someone today who will end up picking up significant playing time in 2014 in all likelihood, so let's not discount the days proceedings.

Round 4 kicks at 12:00 p.m. ET from Radio City Music Hall. Teams are allotted five minutes per pick, so while it's a long day things will move quickly.


ESPN and NFL Network are still the go to options.


It's 2014, so even without a TV you can get your draft on. will stream the action.


Here's a recap of what we have and what's coming up:

Used Picks

  • OL Greg Robinson (1st round, 2nd pick - 2nd overall; via trade with Washington)
  • DT Aaron Donald (1st round, 13th pick - 13th overall)
  • DB Lamarcus Joyner (2nd round, 9th pick - 41st overall; via trade with Buffalo)
  • RB Tre Mason (3rd round, 11th pick - 75th overall)

Upcoming Picks*

  • 4th round, 10th pick - 110th overall
  • 6th round, 12th pick - 188th overall
  • 6th round, 38th pick - 214th overall (compensatory)
  • 7th round, 11th pick - 226th overall
  • 7th round, 26th pick - 241st overall (via trade with Indianapolis)
  • 7th round, 34th pick - 249th overall (compensatory)
  • 7th round, 35th pick - 250th overall (compensatory)

* - 5th round pick traded to Buffalo