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2014 NFL Draft trade rumors: Falcons eyeing Greg Robinson?

One report suggests the Atlanta Falcons could be targeting an offensive tackle with a trade up.


Maybe the Atlanta Falcons aren't targeting Jadeveon Clowney at all. Maybe they're targeting a surprise player, like say, Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson, as one report on Tuesday afternoon suggests. If so, that could be very good news for the St. Louis Rams.

Is that legit? Who knows. This time of year, everything sounds legit, but nothing usually is. Like the Rams/Manziel rumors, take it with a grain of salt. However, if this report does hold water, that only increases Les Snead's ability to deal the second overall pick with Clowney still on the board.

If Atlanta really is targeting an offensive tackle, they're likely to have at least one fall to them at No. 6, be it Jake Matthews or Taylor Lewan or someone else.

If Robinson is their guy, they might not have to trade up to the top spot at all. The Rams' second pick would be prime real estate for selecting Robinson, who has been mocked to the Rams over and over again with that pick. Moving to the sixth spot would open up more options for the Rams, be it a receiver, Jake Matthews or a surprise pick.

We've got nine days to go. Get ready for plenty more of this.