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The TST Big Board, Spots 6-10

The top five selected, we need your help to round out the top 10 in what is sure to be much more contentious voting.

Scott Halleran

So yesterday, I asked for your guys help assembling a community big board. We definitely got a big enough sample size to warrant some inspection, so thanks all for your votes. Let's take a look and see how things shook out (as when I started writing this...I'm gonna screengrab next time instead of using live board result feeds to clear this one up):

As I mentioned in the comments yesterday, there are going to be two ways of looking at these.

On the one hand, Jadeveon Clowney was the clear favorite atop more than 300 boards. Then again, he was only on 461 boards to Greg Robinson's 548. You can also compare the overall point totals to the individual slot selections. GRob received a fair share higher board score than Sammy Watkins (due to all those first slot selections), but note he only received six more second slot selections than Sammy. Or take Jake Matthews and Khalil Mack battling for the fourth spot. Matthews second and third slot votes edged him over Mack overall, but Mack actually had more people pick him to be fourth on their board.

In the end, I'll go with the score over total boards or slot selections, but I'll track both. So as of now, our board is:

Slot By Score By Slot
1 Jadeveon Clowney, DE - South Carolina (1993) Clowney (308)
2 Greg Robinson, OT - Auburn (1961) Robinson (175)
3 Sammy Watkins, WR - Clemson (1839) Watkins (135)
4 Jake Matthews, OT - Texas A&M (1058) Mack (117)
5 Khalil Mack, OLB - Buffalo (932) Matthews (110)

Now it gets fun.

And yes, I'm determining who's available to pick, so feel free to lob any criticism my way. Leggo.

(New players available: Eric Ebron, TE - UNC; Kyle Fuller, CB - Virginia Tech; Louis Nix, DT - Notre Dame; Jason Verrett, CB - TCU; Jimmie Ward, S - N. Illinois)