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The Turf Show Times 2014 NFL Draft Big Board

Help us make our big board for the draft. Please. Pretty please. Very much please. Please, Please, Please by James Brown.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

(NOTE: I wanted to put this up here first to give proper credit. The table the post uses was built by Chris Pokorny who runs Dawgs By Nature, the SB Nation community for Cleveland Browns fans. Much thanks to him for hooking us up!)

Time to make a board. A big board.

The tool below let's you select your top 5 big board entries from 25 candidates I selected as viable options. It's all pretty simple. Your big board should be a simple exercise of who you would pick among the remaining candidates if you were the Rams GM.

Let's say you have Clowney atop your big board and he goes #1 to the Texans. If you had to take someone next (no trades in big board hypotheticals, kids), who would it be? That's your big board second slot, not who is the most talented or the best fit or anything like that. It's just who you would select among the remaining options.

We'll re-visit this a few times until we've built a top 25 and see if yall wanna keep going with this. Should be interesting...

Got it? Good. Let's board.