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The Rams hosted QB Tom Savage

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The St. Louis Rams brought in Pittsburg QB Tom Savage in for a visit.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The St. Louis Rams will more than likely draft a quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft, that much is a given with all the interest the Rams have shown the 2nd tier QB's. With 12 draft picks this season and their quarterback Sam Bradford coming back from a torn ACL, this year is the perfect time to draft a QB. So it's not a surprise that they held a visit with the rising star Pittsburgh QB Tom Savage.

Savage has recently begin to catch some buzz and it appears that he could even find a way to be go as high as a 2nd round draft pick, so who is Savage? Here's a short answer from the evaluation by Bucky Brooks on Savage.

"Savage is certainly an intriguing prospect based on his physical tools and arm talent. He looks like the traditional drop-back passer that has long thrived in the NFL, and his experience working in a pro-style offense puts him ahead of the competition in several aspects. From a playing standpoint, Savage is nowhere near ready to compete for a starting job in the NFL. He is erratic with his accuracy and ball placement. He needs to work on controlling the velocity on his ball to make it easier for receivers to catch his passes. Additionally, Savage must develop better footwork and mechanics in the pocket to make up for his lack of athleticism and mobility. Given the work Savage needs to do to become a potential starter, he will earn developmental grades (Rounds 4-7) on most boards and enter the league viewed as a probable No. 3 quarterback as a rookie."

Now, Savage does sound like the type of quarterback that the Rams would be interested in. He's that prototypical QB, an interesting talent and he does have a cool name. So of course he will become one of the best players ever in the league... Yeah...

Also, it looks like the Rams want to keep their options open.

So for those counting at home, the Rams have been linked with Derek Carr, Tom Savage, Aaron Murray, Connor Saw, and Garrett Gilbert. Sounds like the Rams are really doing their homework on quarterbacks this year. It will be interesting to see which one of them that they draft.