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Chris Long blocks McDonald's, then challenges Twitter to a nugget eating contest

Let the Ablockalypse continue!

Chris Long

March is the month of tightening up the ol' friends circle. Well, for Chris Long it is. He's already blocked Martha Stewart and Ke$ha on Twitter. Today, he blocked McDonald's.

That won't stop him from eating more nuggets, though. He's now recruiting candidates for a chicken nugget eating contest. So far, Oakland defensive end Lamarr Houston and retired mixed martial artist Jay Hieron have accepted his challenge. He's also reached out to local radio host and former St. Louis Cardinal Chris Duncan and actor/comedian Ike Barinholtz.

If this happens, let it all be recorded on Vine or uploaded to YouTube. Heck, air it on Google Hangouts so we can watch live. We all remember smack cam, right?

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