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Rams sign Kenny Britt to a one-year deal

The St. Louis Rams have a new wide receiver, and he might be ticketed for a big role this year.

Stephen Dunn

The St. Louis Rams and Kenny Britt agreed to a one-year deal on Monday, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. It adds another former Titan to the roster from head coach Jeff Fisher's days in Tennessee, but this time, the Rams may have landed a low-cost, high-ceiling player to bolster a sagging group of wide receivers that constantly seems to need bolstering.

That's a trio of veteran free agents the Rams have signed to one-year, including DT Alex Carrington and QB Shaun Hill. Not bad a haul to line up three important role players on the cheap in free agency, especially after taking some bad press for standing still at the beginning. Carrington and Britt could prove to be major players in the 2014 effort as well.

Questions ...

1. Will Britt make the final 53-man roster?

I'd be surprised if he didn't. The only thing that would keep him out is his health. He supposedly checked out when the Rams had in him in for physical. And that brings us to the next question ...

2. What role will Britt play?

If health is on his side, I'd say a pretty large one. He's the only established wide receiver on the roster. He may not have the raw talent as Tavon Austin, but he knows how to play the game ... and has done it at a pretty high level playing with some putrid quarterback situations in Tennessee. He gives the Rams a legit presence on the outside, finally. From here, he looks like the No. 1 receiver.

It looks like the Rams will run a similar version of the Zac Stacy-led offense we saw at the end of last season. That's fine. Britt might not produce fantasy-type numbers with so many other mouths to feed and only a handful of passes to go around, but he could still lead the team in receiving stats.

3. Who does he replace?

Brian Quick better have a darn good camp, because his already scant playing time just got cut. Austin Pettis or Justin Veltung might look like easier picks to lose their spot on the roster, but Quick's the only one who isn't a regular special teams contributor. Kenny Britt isn't a special teams guy. And there's only so much room on the roster for receivers that don't play special teams either.

4. Does this change their draft plans?

It might. Fisher didn't sound like a guy too intent on drafting a wide receiver like Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans in the first round. He and Snead were pretty clear that they think they have all the receivers they need on the roster now.

Of course, they also said that before they signed Britt, so ...

I'd still say they're likely to pass on a receiver in the first. They're committed to who they have, and they also need to start seeing some return from their Tavon Austin investment. Drafting a guy to eat into his playing time, which is already limited in a run-first offense, doesn't help that goal.