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Turf Show Radio: Tonight! (Apr. 1), 9pm ET

The greatest podcast in the history of Turf Show Times podcasts returns.

We're back.

Tonight at 9pm ET, we're back on the pod-waves with the sixth season of Turf Show Radio.

One of our guests Tuesday night will be one of the founders of If you haven't tried a Mock Draft game on their site yet, be forewarned: It's Addictive! Perhaps we'll discuss the 2014 NFL Draft, and some potential prospects the Rams could consider adding to their roster. Perchance we shall discuss free agency, signing-s past and potentials of the future. Per-supposedly, we'll talk about other stuff: new rules, the schedule, rest of the NFC West...uh....socks? Whatever. We're gonna talk about the Rams.

You should do that with us. Call us up at (347) 857-1022, and let's talk about the Rams.

If you're still clinging to your Turf Show Radio virginity, you can check out the archived issues in iTunes here. Go ahead and download them to your iBrain for future mind-listening.

We're still trying to lock down a guest or two, so stay tuned on that front. In the meantime, lock us in on your schedule and let us know what you want to talk about.