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Johnny Manziel Pro Day: The Rams' Hinge

Johnny Manziel's Pro Day, as much about the event itself than Manziel's performance, has concluded. The Rams' 2014 NFL Draft path may well be determined by Manziel's valuation throughout the league.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel had his pro day today. It was, like most things related to Johnny Manziel in the last year and a half, an event beyond the particulars.

The governor was in attendance. A former president was in there. Manziel wore pads and a helmet, which for even the most seasoned scouts, was out of the ordinary.

There were brooms and cones and all the things you don't see in a football game because humans do those jobs usually:


Suffice to say, it was kind of a big deal, and yet the hype doesn't match the draft stock...yet, at least.

The Rams are in a strange triangular situation where they hold the #2 overall pick, are expected to move down out of that pick, and yet also hold the #13 overall pick. That leaves a TON of forks in the road. Which means, the Rams are likely to be at the mercy of a couple of hings picks that either completely change their decisions or fortunes or solidify their option of choice when they're on the clock.

One of those picks is Johnny Manziel.

We suppose it's fair to have significant confidence that a combination of Jadeveon Clowney, Greg Robinson and Sammy Watkins will be selected within the top 8 picks. The other 5 though is a glut of quarterbacks, other offensive tackles and somesuch others depending on which board or which mock you put your stock into.

The Mocking the Draft Big Board from back in January had Manziel as the 13th best prospect in this draft. CBS Sports has him at 8. ESPN has Manziel 21st overall. And yet would you be all that surprised if Johnny Football goes top 3? First overall? I wouldn't.

This draft has a ton of wiggle room across the early 1st round. There are going to be some whackadoo picks that none of us are anticipating. Someone, before the Rams #13 selection, is going to take a player that nobody has mocked, that nobody is predicting because it's just too out there.

In the meantime, we might have just gotten a look at the first hinge of the 2014 NFL Draft. Good thing the Rams were on hand to get a copy of Johnny Football's genetic code...