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Rams working out Derek Carr

The Fresno State quarterback has a private workout scheduled with five NFL teams, so far, including the Rams.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

The St. Louis Rams have a date with Derek Carr. According to Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network, the Rams are one of five teams that have a private workout scheduled with the Fresno State quarterback.

Carr's draft status is the subject of great debate. Many have him pegged as a first rounder. Others feel like he could slip into the second. However, given the Rams' very public support for Sam Bradford, it does seem a little curious that they'd be using one of the 30 private workouts teams are allowed to have with draft prospects for a quarterback almost certain to get picked in the first two rounds.

Team work out players they don't end up drafting all the time, including the Rams. It's just due diligence. However, it is interesting to see them checking out Carr. It's not exactly a state secret than they're likely to take a quarterback in the later round of the draft, a youngster to develop through a clipboard internship behind Sam Bradford. A workout with Carr makes you wonder if they've got him pegged as a potential second-round pick or a guy who might be available if they end up moving back into the later part of the first round or further up in the second.

Quarterbacks drafted later in the draft, past the second round have a slim chance of panning out in the NFL. If the Rams are serious about taking a youngster to develop, it wouldn't be a bad idea to look at some of the names who might be available outside the top three guys.

And what if Bradford lives up to expectations this season? It shouldn't matter. It's not unusual for teams with established starters to take a flyer on day two signal callers. Besides, Bradford's injury history and potential asking price make a backup plan even more essential.