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Rams Sign Veteran QB Shaun Hill

The St. Louis Rams have signed veteran QB Shaun Hill to a one year contract.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams have been looking for a backup quarterback since last year's backup quarterback Kellen Clemens left in free agency to backup Phillip Rivers in San Diego. The Rams have moved on from Clemens and it has been reported that they will be signing veteran QB Shaun Hill to the roster:

Hill has been a backup for majority of his career. His last four seasons he played for the Detroit Lions, playing sparingly except in 2010 where he played in 11 games. He gives the Rams a solid and knowledgeable backup that can play if need be; he's more than likely an upgrade over Clemens. There are even people out there who think that Hill is better than Sam Bradford:

Could he beat out Bradford? That's a discussion to be talked about during the preseason. The Rams have added a player that can play if their quarterback is hurt, so it's a good move either way.