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Rams Chances of Signing Kenny Britt? “Better than 50 Percent” per Snead

That sound you hear? The rumor mill cranking up...

Wesley Hitt

The solemn silence of the NFL not a thing.

Here we are in late March a month and a half away from the NFL Draft and there have been roughly 200 NFL narratives to follow today. This latest one concerns the Rams and one former Tennessee Titan who played, infamously, under Jeff Fisher...WR Kenny Britt.

PFT reports that Rams GM Les Snead suggested that Kenny Britt is more favored than not to end up in St. Louis.

The chatter at the league meetings indicates Britt could pick his next team within the next 48 hours. In an interview with PFT, Rams G.M. Les Snead pegged Britt’s chances of landing in St. Louis at "better than 50 percent."

Altogether, it's not surprising. The Rams have a hole at the top of the WR depth chart and Britt has ties with Rams HC Jeff Fisher.

A 2009 1st round pick for the Titans under Fisher at the time, Britt posted an impressive rookie season and was a developing threat after a 9-TD season in 2010. A severe knee injury to both his ACL and MCL in 2012 though has since derailed his career and a lackluster (being nice) 2013 season suggests he may not have much production left in his future. More notoriously concerning however is his criminal record.

Kenny Britt has been arrested nine times since being drafted. You know what they say -- Once is a mistake, twice a coincidence, three times is a pattern, nine times is a HOLY SHIT HOW DO YOU GET ARRESTED NINE TIMES AND NOT BE IN JAIL FOR AN EXTENDED AMOUNT OF TIME.

While I'm never a fan of passing judgment of players' transgressions off the field being so far removed from actuality, nine arrests is the opposite of a small sample size. It is no longer a sample size. If nothing else, it's unignorable.

Kenny Britt. St. Louis Ram?