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Random Ramsdom: March 25: St. Louis Rams - The NFL Draft Lies Ahead

The NFL Draft is now just 44 days away. It couldn't come fast enough for most St. Louis Rams fans. The Rams have been relatively quiet in free agency thus far, preferring to re-sign a pair of their own free agents: Rodger Saffold and Jo-Lonn Dunbar. What will the next few weeks before the draft bring? What will come out of the owners meetings, being held in Orlando this week?



Not a particularly imposing group of QB's drafted in that time-frame:

Teams are getting smarter about free agency:

Darian Stewart signed with the Ravens. What a difference a couple of years makes. Rams players now in demand:

Year three of the "four-year plan" is coming up fast...will the Rams break out this year (like Seattle and Carolina did in 2012 and 2013, respectively)???:

Should the Rams consider Mark Sanchez Terrelle Pryor as a backup QB if he is released?:

A very low-risk signing by the Rams, which could pay dividends:

The Rams also signed some linebacker depth over the weekend:

Top 5 potential late round change-of-pace backs for the Rams: Cover 32 Rams

Are the Rams satisfied with their current complement of running backs? The Rams are projected to have 4 extra late round selections as compensation picks. Could the Rams add another running back to the mix?

NFL Prospect Focus: Caraun Reid and Daniel McCullers: National Football Post

The Rams have been searching for lower-cost DT depth since the opening of free agency. Both Reid and McCullers present intriguing options on the third day of the NFL Draft.

Rams Chat Rewind: ESPN NFC West

The complete transcript of Nick Wagoner's weekly question and answer period, concerning all things related to the Rams. An excerpt:

"I'm starting to wonder if 13 will be an easier spot to move out of than 2. What if, for example, one of those three quarterbacks is still on the board at 13?"

Battle for Los Angeles: Rams, Raiders jockey for return to Southern California: CBS Sports

Jason La Canfora examines the issues and possibilities surrounding a move to Los Angeles.

Draft Prospects Highlight Reel: Safety - Terrence Brooks - Florida State

2014 NFL Draft: Top 15 Quarterback Rankings: Football Nation

The quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL draft are likely to play a significant role in the Rams' draft plans. At the top end, how teams assess Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, and Derek Carr will have an impact on the Rams' ability to trade down the #2 overall selection. The Rams have also hinted at drafting a developmental QB at some point in the later rounds. Perhaps one on the this list?

Taylor Lewan to be charged in December fight: mlive - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Offensive tackle Taylor Lewan has been rising up draft boards since the Combine in February. Will he fall out of the top ten as the result of his legal troubles? Will he come into play for the Rams, at the #13 pick in the draft?

Mock Draft 4.0:

Respected NFL draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah reveals his latest mock draft. The one thing standing out in his mock is the fall of the top 3 QB's. Blake Bortles is selected at #5, Johnny Manziel at #8, and Teddy Bridgewater at #26. There's little doubt Bridgewater's mediocre Pro Day has something to do with his dramatic fall. Will the Rams' ability to trade down the #2 overall selection lessen, as we inch closer to the draft in May?

2014 NFL Mock Draft: CBS Sports

Pat Kirwan presents his latest mock draft. The Rams trade down with the Oakland Raiders (who select DE Jadeveon Clowney) and pick WR Sammy Watkins with the #5 selection. In addition, the Rams select safety Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix at #13.

Stat Facts Of The Week: Team Points Per Drive

Team Points Per Drive Statistics
Team Points Per Drive Points Per Drive Against Point Differential
1 Denver Broncos 3 1.94 1.06
2 Seattle Seahawks 2.29 1.24 1.05
3 Carolina Panthers 2.15 1.35 0.8
4 San Francisco 49ers 2.15 1.42 0.72
5 Kansas City Chiefs 2.18 1.5 0.69
6 New Orleans Saints 2.29 1.68 0.61
7 Cincinnati Bengals 2.14 1.55 0.59
8 New England Patriots 2.21 1.72 0.48
9 Arizona Cardinals 1.9 1.59 0.31
10 San Diego Chargers 2.37 2.1 0.27
11 Philadelphia Eagles 2.2 1.95 0.25
12 Indianapolis Colts 2.08 1.84 0.24
13 Detroit Lions 2.02 1.89 0.13
14 Dallas Cowboys 2.4 2.29 0.11
15 Pittsburgh Steelers 2.01 1.95 0.06
16 Tennessee Titans 1.97 2.01 -0.04
17 St. Louis Rams 1.89 1.97 -0.08
18 Miami Dolphins 1.63 1.73 -0.09
19 Green Bay Packers 2.24 2.38 -0.14
20 Baltimore Ravens 1.55 1.73 -0.18
21 Buffalo Bills 1.58 1.81 -0.23
22 Chicago Bears 2.45 2.69 -0.24
23 Cleveland Browns 1.58 2 -0.42
24 Minnesota Vikings 2.01 2.44 -0.43
25 New York Giants 1.44 1.92 -0.47
26 New York Jets 1.48 2.02 -0.54
27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1.53 2.08 -0.55
28 Atlanta Falcons 1.97 2.53 -0.56
29 Washington Redskins 1.68 2.4 -0.72
30 Oakland Raiders 1.66 2.4 -0.74
31 Houston Texans 1.37 2.21 -0.83
32 Jacksonville Jaguars 1.27 2.28 -1.01

Points-per-drive measures the number of points a team scores on an average drive. The differential is the difference between points-per-drive for and against. This statistic produces an interesting correlation to winning football games. Of the 13 teams who made the playoffs/won 10 games in 2013, 12 of them ranked in the top 13. The Rams ranked 17th overall in this revealing statistic.


Is Mark Sanchez coming to the Rams?: Turf Show Times

On the Rams and Mark Sanchez: ESPN NFC West

In a move that comes as no surprise, the New York Jets released former 1st round pick Mark Sanchez on Friday. The Jets replaced him immediately, signing free agent Michael Vick to a one-year deal. Given his connection to Rams' OC Brian Schottenheimer, will the Rams take a look at Sanchez as a veteran backup, if the price is right?

Boom or bust: A look at draft probabilities: National Football Post

Tony Villiotti examines the probability of achieving success for various draft choice ranges. Not surprisingly, draft selections in the 1-13 range of the first round have achieved the greatest success in the NFL.

Changing draft dynamics around the Rams?: ESPN NFC West

Many moves were made in free agency by teams surrounding the Rams' #2 pick in the NFL draft. Have those moves altered those teams' draft plans for May, and by extension the Rams' draft plans?

Rams' margin for error in NFL draft? Zero: ESPN NFC West

The pressure is on for the Rams front office. Into year three of a four-year rebuilding plan - with a playoff berth the goal - the Rams cannot afford to make many mistakes in this years draft:

"The Rams could gain picks by trading down, but every spot they move decreases the chance they land the player they value most and increases the chances of a draft whiff. At some point quality has to take precedence over quantity."

On This Day In Sports History

1972 - UCLA - under legendary coach John Wooden - wins its 6th consecutive NCAA men's national basketball title.


Most NFL Teams Just 1 or 2 Overpriced Free Agents Away From Super Bowl Victory: The Onion

A tongue-in-cheek look at the merits of building a Super Bowl team through free agency.

NFL wants to clean up sportsmanship, taunting: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The NFL league owners' annual meetings began on Sunday, and conclude on Wednesday. There are many proposals and other matters to be discussed, including playoff expansion, sportsmanship and player conduct, replay reviews, and moving the line of scrimmage back to the 25-yard line for extra-point attempts.

Projecting Rams' Compensatory Picks: ESPN NFC West

The owners meetings conclude tomorrow. One of the highlights of those meetings - for those who follow the draft - is the awarding of compensatory picks. An early estimation has the Rams receiving one 6th and 3 7th round picks in this years draft (link). Nick Wagoner projects the Rams receiving one, perhaps two, compensation picks in the 2014 NFL draft. My estimation is one 6th and a pair of 7th round draft selections.

Five Players The Rams Should Still Consider Signing: Ramblin' Fan

Kenny Britt, Sidney Rice, Tyson Clabo, Chris Clemons, and Terrell Thomas are the 5 players noted for consideration as free agent signings.


Eddie George joined Kevin Wheeler to talk about Jeff Fisher’s style with running backs, and how Jeff Fisher told him how much he loved Zac Stacy and Benny Cunningham. George also said he wouldn’t be surprised to see his former coach draft Jadeveon Clowney, calling him a play maker with a big motor for getting to the QB.

2014 NFL Draft cornerback rankings: SB Nation - Mocking The Draft

2014 NFL Draft safety rankings: SB Nation - Mocking The Draft

Notwithstanding the Greg Reid signing, the Rams have done little to address the secondary this off season. In the meantime, they've released Cortland Finnegan, and allowed Darian Stewart and Matt Giordano to become free agents. Expect the Rams to select at least one CB and S in the draft. Dan Kadar at MTD shares his updated rankings of cornerbacks and safeties for the 2014 NFL Draft.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Walter Football

Charlie Campbell presents his latest 5 round mock draft. The Rams select WR Sammy Watkins and OT Taylor Lewan in the first round.

Will The Rams draft one of these top defensive tackles?: Cover 32 Rams

The Rams have been looking for defensive line depth in the early stages of free agency. Will the Rams end up adding one of the top-ten defensive tackles in the 2014 NFL draft?

St. Louis Rams Weekly Salary "Re-Cap"

The Rams currently have $8,999,385 in Available Salary Cap Space. The Rams rank 18th in the league in cap space. When the offset from Cortland Finnegan's contract with Miami is approved by the league office, the Rams' salary cap space will increase by $3 million. I will be publishing a complete salary cap update in the next few days.


Could Georgia QB Aaron Murray be an option for the Rams, in the middle rounds of this years draft?

From Rotoworld:

"The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Wednesday that 12 teams have expressed interest in Georgia QB Aaron Murray.
Murray is currently in Phoenix preparing for Georgia’s pro day on April 16. Pat Dye, Jr., Murray’s agent, said the signal caller has garnered interest from the following teams: Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Arizona, Minnesota, New Orleans, St. Louis, Cleveland, Houston, Dallas, Oakland, Tennessee and Kansas City. "There’s just a real positive buzz about Aaron with the teams," Dye said. "He’s well ahead of schedule [from ACL surgery in November] and he should be fine to start training camp or at some point during training camp. Whether if that’s the first day or two weeks into it. Aaron swears he’ll be ready by training camp, a full go." Mar 23 - 6:34 PM

2014 NFL Draft: Quarterback conundrum harkens back to 2011 class:

Albert Breer compares the 2011 QB class to this years class, and raises doubts about selecting any in the top ten of this years draft:

"None of these quarterbacks that are there are the kinds of guys you jump up and down about. They all have their flaws and question marks."

"Several high-level evaluators said four players appear to stand out in this year's class: South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney, Buffalo OLB Khalil Mack, Auburn OT Greg Robinson and Clemson WR Sammy Watkins."

Adam Schefter Radio Interview: ESPN

ESPN Insider Adam Schefter shares his thoughts on Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, and the Rams' quarterback situation.

Houston Texans will draft QB, just not necessarily at #1: S.I. - Audibles

The draft-day plot thickens. I believe the Texans will take QB Blake Bortles with the #1 overall selection.

Inside The Rams Draft "War Room": Rams News Now's Daniel Jeremiah and Curtis Conway examine the Rams' off season needs and predict who they will select in the upcoming draft.

There's a lot to look forward to - video:

Jeff Darlington catches up with Rams coach Jeff Fisher at the league meetings.

Blast From The Past: Canadian Classic Rock Tuesday: Rush - La Villa Strangiato

Please have a great Tuesday and a Ramtastic week!!