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Which Free Agents Should The Rams Be Interested In?

The St. Louis Rams will more than likely add some players through free agency. So which players could be on the list? Let's look at some of the names.

The expensive phase of free agency is over; the period when teams usually do their bargain shopping. It's looking obvious that the St. Louis Rams will spend this time searching for depth to add to their roster, and if they're lucky they could find some spot starters.

The Rams brought back Rodger Saffold and Jo-Lonn Dunbar with multiple year contracts. Which was good, since both players were starters. However, the Rams still haven't signed a free agent, other than a former FSU corner back who didn't play at all last year. They will probably do some shopping in the coming weeks, so here's a look of names that could interest the Rams.

Defensive tackle

Alex Carrington, age 26 - Carrington is an interesting player, and the Rams have shown interest in him, however the two sides haven't scheduled a visit together and it's not clear if they will. He's supposed to be a player who can move around the defensive line and generate pressure.

Offensive line

Davin Joseph, age 30 - The Rams hosted Joseph around the time they re-signed Saffold, so it's possible they've changed their mind on Joesph. Maybe they also decided that they didn't want him, it was more than likely an insurance plan since they didn't have a guard at the time, Joesph was ranked 80 out of 81 guards by

Daryn Colledge, age 32 - Colledge was ranked 39 out of 82 by PFF. He's a former Arizona Cardinal and his PFF's rankings show a better pass blocker than run blocker. Colledge could be a good stopgap and has started the majority of his career; he rarely missed games.


Shaun Hill , age 34 - The Rams have met with Hill, but he left without a contract. If the Rams sign him it will be as a mentor for Sam Bradford. The Rams don't have a quarterback to compete with Bradford.

David Garrard, age 36 - He hasn't really played since 2010 and he might not even play another game. But if the Rams want an older mentor for Bradford, he would work. Can he still play? I'm not that hopefully, but he could be a good player to have during the pre-season.

Wide receiver

Santonio Holmes, age 30 - Holmes played for the Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer for a few years. He's mostly a big name now. But the Rams could sign him to a one year prove it deal, since they need a veteran receiver.

Kenny Britt, age 25 - Britt has had his issues with the law in the past, however he has an obvious connection with head coach Jeff Fisher. Britt does have some upside, and he's young. The question is: Can the Rams get anything out of him?


Major Wright, age 25 - The Rams like young players and Wright fits the bill. However, he was rated the worst safety in 2013. Just bring him in and see what he can do for pre-season? If he can't play, let him walk; could be a depth player down the line.

Chris Clemons, age 28 - Clemons will be a starter on whatever team he goes to. He was good in pass coverage last season, and if the Rams can sign him cheap, he could be a good fit. He might be a good safety to pair with T.J. McDonald, and would also give the Rams a veteran in the secondary.

Even though the market has dried up, there are still players available. Granted, a majority of the players available are only stop gap options, but that's really all that's what's left on the shelf.

Is there a free agent you would like the Rams to add? Let us know in the comments...