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Gregg Williams has some questionable company

The Rams' new defensive coordinator was in Florida for some spring training baseball when he ran into someone his path has interconnected with on more than one occasion.

Stopping by to visit the St. Louis Cardinals in spring training must be a contractual thing for coaches and stars from the city's other pro teams. Just hoping to catch a little ray of sunlight in a town where baseball still towers over everything else. Gregg Williams was on that junket this week.

And look who he ran into while he was there ...

Maybe they were just exchanging PowerPoint tips.

Williams was hired as part of Jeff Fisher's staff when the Rams cleaned up after Spagnuolo's run here. Spagnuolo then left for New Orleans, taking over Williams' old gig as defensive coordinator ... to historically bad results. Of course, Williams spent that season in exile. He's back now, and we're hoping that Spags didn't rub off on him, or the Cardinals, during the photo opp.

Be afraid, Cardinals fans, be very afraid.