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2014 NFL Draft trade rumors: Rams 'actively' shopping the 2nd pick

The Rams' interest in trading the second overall pick in the NFL Draft has been bumped up to "actively," according to one report.


The second overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft is available for the right price. St. Louis Rams general manager Les Snead has made that known on more than one occasion. Now, word comes that Snead may be taking a more direct route to finding a trade partner, beating the bushes himself in the hopes of dealing away the second pick.

The UCF pro day is Wednesday, and the big prize there is quarterback Blake Bortles. There's some thought that the Houston Texans will take him with the first overcall pick. If they don't, Bortles could be one of several players that would entice a team to move up in the draft to a prime location like the second pick.

It seems likely that the Rams would be able to trade that pick. There are three quarterbacks worthy of top picks as well as pass rushing phenomenon Jadeveon Clowney that could entice teams to deal. The Jaguars, with the third pick, could be looking at any of those four players, so moving up to the second spot would be a sure fire way to make sure a team gets the player they want.

Temper your expectations for a return. This isn't like 2012 with a pair of QB prospects like RGIII or Andrew Luck. It's unlikely that the Rams would get two first-round picks and a second, but accumulating more picks in a deep draft is it's own reward.

The second question the Rams have to consider about a potential trade is where they move down to in the first round. One possibility is Atlanta's sixth pick, but that would most likely put them out of the running for Greg Robinson and Sammy Watkins. Getting Cleveland's fourth pick, or even Oakland's fifth, would probably give them a shot at one of those players, if they even want Watkins or Robinson.