The Can't-Trade-Down-From-#2 Mock Draft

Doug's article this morning got me thinking, "What if the phone stops ringing at #2?". To explore the possibility, I used the Premium version of On the Clock on The rules going in? 1.) Can't trade #2 2.) No starting over. One draft and one draft only 3.) Use Walter Football's Big Board, see who falls

#2. Khalil Mack - LB - Buffalo

It took a while for me to get sold on this pick. Mack's the most complete defensive player in the draft, being proficient off the edge, in coverage and against the run. The reasoning behind this pick is this: Gregg Williams historically runs a lot of his defenses out of a 3-3-5 set and brings the heat. So we're likely going to have the strong side linebacker on the field a lot more often than we did last year. I like the idea of Mack and Quinn coming off the same side.

Trade: Dallas offers me #16 and #115 in return for the #13. I accept because both Pryor and Clinton-Dix are still on the board and it's the only trade offer flowing in.

#16 (From Dallas). HaHa Clinton-Dix - S - Alabama

Pryor, my first choice, was taken at #15 by Pittsburgh in this scenario, so Clinton-Dix is the pick here. He's rangy and savvy in coverage, but not a big hitter like Pryor. In Williams' system the free safety takes on a huge responsibility since he's hung out to dry on almost every play. He'd be the Earl Thomas to TJ McDonald's Kam Chancellor.

#44. Lamarcus Joyner - CB - Florida State

I was targeting Gabe Jackson here but Houston nabbed him at the top of the 2nd. Joyner's my second choice, and one I'm happy with. He's undersized but scrappy, and he hits like a truck. In my eyes he's the best nickel corner in this class and nickel corner is something we lack since releasing Cortland Finnegan. As an added bonus, Joyner is very good when blitzing from the slot. Williams has all the toys he could ever want!

#75. Zach Mettenberger - QB - LSU

The NFL Draft is a harsh mistress. My first choice, Brandon Thomas, and my second choice, Dakota Dozier, were both snatched from under me. I was left in a lurch and decided to pull the trigger on Mettenberger. He has all the tools of a starting QB but needs some time to develop. If Sam doesn't work out, this is our guy.

#106. Antonio Richardson - OT - Tennessee

If this scenario played out, I'm pretty sure all of Ram's Nation would fall into cardiac arrest when they realized we haven't drafted a lineman on either of the first two days. So, when Richardson fell here it was a no brainer. He's got the physical tools to succeed in the NFL, but he needs good coaching. If only we had a….WAIT! We have Paul Boudreau, the Dave Duncan of offensive line coaches! Give him this fine piece of clay to mold and watch what happens.

#115 (From Dallas). JaWuan James - OT - Tennessee

After not taking a lineman in the first three rounds, the Ram's double up on Vols. James is similar to Richardson both in build and skill set, and both would be able to play inside if needed too. I'd happily trade Chris Williams and Shelley Smith for these two.

#141. Ego Ferguson - DT - LSU

A bit of a BPA pick here in the 5th round. The choice was between Will Sutton and Ferguson, and I opted for the more traditional defensive tackle. Ferguson is an upgrade over Cudjo at d-tackle and will develop into a fine player.

#172. James White - RB - Wisconsin

More BPA. White shares a lot of similarities with Zac Stacy, and his presence could light the fire in Pead that just hasn't been there.

#203. Aaron Colvin - CB - Oklahoma

Getting a jump on a priority free agent here in the 7th. Colvin had a fine year and was looking at a possible day 2 selection until he tore his ACL in Senior Bowl Practices. He may need to redshirt his rookie year, but he's an investment that will pay off in the long run.