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St. Louis Rams free agency tracker: Kenny Britt came and went

The Rams have been hosting a handful of free agents, but they've yet to sign any of them. Also, confusion over Anthony Spencer!

Harvey Dahl "blocks" Anthony Spencer
Harvey Dahl "blocks" Anthony Spencer
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

NFL free agency has finally slowed down enough to let us screw our heads back on, clear our minds and reset for another wave of minor moves this week. Forget the splashy signings, these are the kinds of moves that usually end up having a big impact, break out players signed on the cheap, guys who'll be tasked with stepping in for injured starters, and all that jazz. The St. Louis Rams have been a little more active, scheduling a few visits with exactly those types of players.

Kenny Britt

Britt came and went from Rams Park this weekend without a deal. He's going to visit New England on Sunday, and Washington wants a chance to talk to him too, according to Albert Breer. The sudden interest in Britt may have something to do with another piece of news Breer revealed Sunday morning:

With a clean bill of health and a nice character reference from the Titans, it's easy to see why more teams would be interested in Britt as a potential rebound candidate on an incentive laden "prove it" deal. Britt and agent know that too, and have probably adjusted their asking price accordingly. If teams are offering incentives, he'll want to find the place where he's most likely to realize those ... with an eye on his next free agent deal since he's only 25.

Anthony Spencer

Here's another interesting name visiting the Rams. The former Dallas defensive end isn't far removed from an 11-sack season in 2012. More notably, he's coming off microfracture surgery in his knee; that's a big deal for a football player who's now in his thirties.

Spencer would slot into the Rams defensive end rotation, and he could be a nice revelation if his health issues haven't left him devoid of his pass rushing prowess ... which is a legitimate question at this stage of his career. He is reportedly not going to be ready to get back on the field by the time training camp starts.

Late update: Spencer is also visiting the Giants today, and apparently not the Rams.

Antonio Smith

Smith never made it to St. Louis. The Raiders signed him to a two-year, $9 million deal. That could be indicative that the Rams weren't willing to spend big on Smith, meaning the Rams are looking for a reasonably priced veteran defensive lineman, hence the Spencer visit.

Daryn Colledge

Colledge came and went, without a contract. He was going to visit the Raiders next. Meh.

Davin Joseph

He apparently came and went without a deal too, which is fine. This looks like a desperation move to shore up the other guard spot after losing both Chris Williams and Shelley Smith. Joseph is on the wrong side of 30 and has a recent history of injuries. There have to be better options out there than Joseph.