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St. Louis Rams free agent tracker: Antonio Smith is coming to town

The Rams are staying active in free agency, technically. Follow all of Friday's fun here.

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So far, the St. Louis Rams' strategy in free agency is keeping their own in house. It's not a bad way of doing business after two years of high-dollar busts like Cortland Finnegan and Jared Cook. Nevertheless, they're still visiting with a few available players.

And several of their own free agents are making visits to other teams. Here's a look at what we know as of Friday morning. We'll keep this thread updated throughout the day, and we can discuss those activities and more in the comments.

Rams free agent visits/news

An end in the 3-4 and an inside lineman in a 4-3, Smith had some solid numbers working on the opposite side of J.J. Watt last year in Houston with eight sacks, nine hits and 29 hurries. Imagine what he could do with Chris Long, Robert Quinn and Michael Brockers surrounding him. Asking price could be the key here.

I'd say the Rams would be best advised to pass on Joseph. He's battled injuries, seen his play decline to the point of being a liability in 2013, and he's on the wrong side of 30. Colledge is another guard on the wrong side of 30 and in the midst of a career decline. They'd be better off finding younger guys off the scrap heap like they did with Shelley Smith.

Departing Rams

Cortland Finnegan and Shelley Smith are both visiting the Miami Dolphins. Smith would be a nice addition there, but Finnegan looks like he's done. On the other hand, a Dolphins deal with Finnegan could give the Rams more cap room because of offsets.

Free agents of interest

The safety market is almost all dried up, but Chris Clemons is still out there. He'd be a decent veteran temporary solution to the Rams' need at free safety. So far, only the Jets have been reportedly interested.

Cornerback depth is available, and there are lots of intriguing names out there still, from Antonio Cromartie to Brandon Browner. If I were the Rams, I'd take a look at Chris Cook. He's an injury risk, but when he is healthy enough to play, he's good. Cook will visit the 49ers this week. Anyone else curious if Champ Bailey has one more season as a third corner in him?

Some fans would like to see the Rams add a veteran wide receiver to strengthen that group, give them a reliable pass catcher to pair with speedy slot receivers. Hakeem Nicks has interest from the 49ers and Panthers. Steve Smith would be interesting solely for having him an Janoris Jenkins on the same team.

And what about James Jones? He's not getting many nibbles, that we know of, and has the ability to be a solid red zone option and a possession guy ... very much what the Rams could use. You have to wonder about his asking price.

There are plenty of decent receivers who are good enough for a part time role in the Rams offense still out there.