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We found the Rams' next general manager

Pack it up, Les Snead.

Sorry, Les Snead, but you're going to have to update your resume. As soon as Stan Kroenke reads what arrived in the TST tips inbox today, he's going to be forced to make a move.

We get a lot of email in the tips box. Most of it is delusional. Someone asked us once to forward their suggestions for the draft to Snead. Of course, I did, but ...

This one came in response to free agency, specifically in response to 3k's free agency post about the Rams' lack of moves on the first day. Here we go:

I just read the stupidest article I ever read on this site "NFL Free Agency: Rams Yet To Make A Splash. Good." You cant go to super bowl with rookies from a draft you have to spend big money on veterans to make it, I'm sorry but I cant be kind about this, the writer whom wrote this is obviously delusional. If you would have spent money to pick up both Byrd and Verner the Rams may have had the best offence in the NFL. but now were going to have new rookies and failed 2 yearers continuing to fail. Think of it like this how many World Series rings do the Yankee's have, 17 right, know why...THEY BOUGHT TEAMS. You need to dump all the bad garbage on this team and make cap space, and that goes for Bradford too! I spend the first round 2nd pick on Bridgewater and tell Bradford good luck and don't let the door.....or trade him if you could find someone stupid enough to take um. Apparently most of you "sports writers" seem to think Snead and Fisher are a pair of geniuses, guess what there not.

Here's the email, just in case it seems too good to be true.


If the Rams don't hire this guy -- and I'll forward them the email -- they'll have nobody but themselves to blame.