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NFL Free Agency: Rodger Saffold to Return to Rams, 5-Year Deal Reportedly (UPDATED)

Okay then.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Time is a flat circle.

In just more than 24 hours, the Oakland Raiders and offensive lineman Rodger Saffold had agreed to a 5-year. $42.5m ($21 guaranteed) contract that was being widely panned as a desperate move by a franchise in disarray.

The disarray spread.

Word emerged earlier tonight that Saffold has failed a physical for the Raiders and is now reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter to be returning to the Rams on a 5-year deal.

With more details to come from all three parties on this, I'll let time fill in the gaps where possible. The bottom line is this - the Rams' offensive line immediately looks to be in much less disarray.

With Saffold locked in with Oakland, Chris Williams with Buffalo and Shelley Smith still on the hunt for an employer, the 2014 NFL Draft for the Rams seemed to point pretty heavily toward the offensive line. As of right now, the compass points less true.

Stay tuned.

UPDATED - 11:46pm ET

This is just strange.